bespoke personalised care

What is complex care?

This service aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic or long-term health conditions, by providing person-centered support tailored to their specific needs. This type of care involves additional assistance to manage daily activities and symptoms.

Unlike general domiciliary care, complex care often involves medical intervention and collaboration with clinicians and nurses who specialise in the individual's particular condition.

Why choose this service

This type of care covers a wide range of conditions that require clinical support, such as Parkinson’s, neurological disorders, and acquired brain injuries. It can also be provided to individuals who require nursing care due to their primary condition, such as PEG feeding tubes after a stroke.

The ultimate goal of complex care at home is to provide support that enables individuals to maintain their independence to the greatest extent possible. Every individual’s care situation is unique, whether they require short-term care after leaving the hospital, or long-term support for a complex condition they have lived with since birth.

We recognise that everyone’s care situation is completely different – whether you’ve just come out of hospital and need care for a for weeks or months to help you get you back on your feet, or if you have a complex condition that you’ve lived with since birth and want to be able to live by yourself. 

We have extensive experience supporting ventilated patients, as well as clients who have suffered brain or head injuries and require specialist assistance.


Our Complex Care Services Include:

Ventilator care – support with connecting and disconnecting your ventilator including NIPPI 3 and Cpap, support changing and cleaning your filters and tubing, support in recognising and managing problems with your ventilator.

Tracheostomy care – we are able to undertake a full tracheostomy change, assist with inner cannula changing and cleaning and with care of your stoma site.

Ambu-bagging – manual ventilation where clinical signs indicate respiratory difficulties require it.

Cough assist – checking and ensuring settings are correct. Fully assisting in the use of your cough assist either manual or automatic.

Chest physio – administer prescribed plan of care from physiotherapist.

Suction – we are able to provide both shallow oral suctioning and deep suction via tracheostomy using either a closed or open suction catheter system.

Bowel care – from assisting you into the right position to digital evacuation and bowel stimulation, including use of suppositories and enema’s.

Stoma care – care of the stoma site and emptying of stoma bag.

Catheter care – including intermittent catheterisation, care of your suprapubic site and catheter and recognition and management of urinary tract infections.