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Specialist Support

We can identify and meet the needs of young people

Our organisation provides a range of specialist services to support and advise young individuals who may have a higher risk of vulnerability or exhibit extreme challenging and risky behavior.

About this service

We understand that every young person’s situation is unique, which is why we use a well-structured approach to conduct risk assessments and create individualized care plans. Our goal is to identify and address the specific needs of these individuals and provide the following additional services:

  1. One-on-one counseling sessions – Our team of trained professionals can work directly with young individuals to provide counseling and support to address their unique challenges and risk factors.

  2. Educational and vocational support – We offer specialized educational and vocational training programs to help young individuals acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their academic and career goals.

  3. Family support and mediation – We understand that family support is crucial for the success of young individuals. Therefore, we offer family support and mediation services to help resolve any conflicts and promote healthy relationships.

  4. Life skills training – Our organization provides life skills training programs to help young individuals develop the skills needed to navigate the challenges of daily life successfully.

Our focus is to provide holistic support and guidance to young individuals who may be facing complex challenges. We believe that with the right support and care, every young person has the potential to achieve their goals and lead a successful life.